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Gorilla Tape Cleans Up !!!

"More than two years ago, I purchased an expensive new swimming pool cleaner. Shortly after installing the device, we left on a three week vacation. During this time, the pool sweep got tangled on the steps of the pool, and the constant rocking of the bottom of the sweep against the edge of the steps wore two large holes in the base of the sweep.

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Gordon Riggs

My Destructions

"I am a handicapped woman who goes through life in an electric wheelchair. Some times this causes some destruction of my home. I have fixed pulled-up carpeting with Gorilla Glue (fraying and all). I have bumped into and pulled off door hinges & cabinet door knobs and moldings, all of which I fixed with Gorilla Glue.

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Linda Charlier

No More Splinters

We bought a 40 year old house. The hardwood floors need re-doing, but until we can do that, we have filled in cracks with Gorilla Glue. We let it sit overnight, then scraped off excess and sanded it. The BEST part besides no more splinters in our feet is...a little dot does a lot!

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Tammy Gober

2nd & 3rd Graders Stack them High

"A group of 2nd and 3rd graders from a small Maine town made a big splash by winning 1st Place at their state's Destination Imagination competition in March. Their task was to take some balsa wood and any glue of their choice and make a structure that would hold as much weight as possible, as well as come up with a story to aid in that task.

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Austin Coltart

The Glue Tree

"Last spring, I had a beautiful Forest Pansy Redbud tree that was overloaded with bloom. It was beautiful! Later, when the blooms dropped and the leaves appeared, it was just as full and lovely as any tree in the neighborhood. Then, one weekend, a rain storm came through, bringing with it very high winds.

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Diana Miller

Now I can Mow Again

Let me start off by saying that the John Deere lawn tractor I purchased a few years back is a great machine. The best part/selling point was the cup holder, which is strictly used for a cold soda. The only thing I would improve on it is that it needs a shock or strut under the holder to prevent spilling and foaming.

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Oak Myers

Tie Rod on Tractor Fell Apart

We were hauling manure when the tie rod feel apart. We used Gorilla Tape to hold it back together and were able to load another 30 loads. It got the job done! That is some good stuff!

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John Gilbert

Perfect Boxes

I use Gorilla Glue exclusively in the assembly of custom hardwood toolboxes and jewelry boxes. I do not use any type of metal fasteners in construction. I only use mitered corners and/or dovetails, finger joints or cross dovetails. I like the open time I get with Gorilla Glue, which allows squaring of the box during the clamping.

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Steve Longworth


"I have had this old, beat-up leather chair that i acquired from a restaurant in Chicago. I live in the Greater Cincinnati area now. I told myself that I was going to get it re-upholstered, because it seems to be a well-built chair and deserved to be restored somehow.

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Jared Dreyer

The Mechanic

A mechanic tried to pull off a door panel on a 2000 Saturn. He thought it came off in two sections, but he didn't look or check the manual. He ended up pulling it in half. They couldn't fix it without it rattling! When I got it home, I Gorilla Tough Epoxied (with Gorilla Epoxy) it silent. It has stayed quiet for good!

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Jay Lamom


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