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Gorilla Tape Saves Me and My Boat Engine

"A friend and I were testing my new 21' cabin cruiser on Flathead Lake (a very large lake) when I noticed that the boat wouldn't plane right and seemed to have a loss of power. It has a Chevy 305 Marine V8. I lifted the engine housing cover to find that we had taken on about 300 gallons of water.

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Bud Kienas

Back On The Road

"We traveled to Wilmington, OH for an East Coast Timing Associations race. It is a standing start mile run for mile per hour only. There is no ET. On our way home, we lost a trailer wheel bearing. From many previous racing trips, we carry extra trailer parts.

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Loyd Huffman

My Broken Gun Stock

"I was given a rifle with a broken gun stock (broken in half!!!), and I thought I'd try this Gorilla Glue just for the heck of it, seeing how I didn't want to deal with the other glues that I knew would work (I didn't want to deal with the time limits & just other issues.) So, I tried this on a broken drawer on a desk & was shocked at the results!!!

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Richard Purser

The Penny On The Sidewalk

"In January 2010, I Gorilla Glued a new 2010 cent to my sidewalk to see how long it would stay. As the weather was cold, I was not sure if it would work. That year, we had a record snow fall and shoveled our sidewalk numerous times. Many people have tried to pry it loose. As of May 2012, that cent, although very weathered, has remained in place. I have enclosed a photo of the cent.

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Al Lipa

Super Glue, Super Hold

"While rinsing the dishes one evening, I played catch with a clear plastic 2.5 measuring cup and lost. It came down on the edge of the granite counter top and cracked from the bottom to the rim near the pour spout. Normally, that would be the end of it, but I had just purchased some Gorilla Super Glue - the Impact Tough Gel Formula type. I thought, why not give it a try on this?

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Mike McPherson

More Miles

"Men's shoes often wear in the heel area long before the sole or exterior are ready for the dumpster. Mine are no exception, as I typically wear a hole in the heel area, sides, bottom, back, etc. I have repaired and salvaged many extra miles with the superior adhesion and flexibility of Gorilla Tape over the worn-through areas. GREAT STUFF for many repairs!!! Thanks."

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Clint Merrill

When You Absolutely, Positively, Have To Fish

"Last year, a friend was visiting me from Canada for a couple of days. He absolutely, positively, had to do a days fishing while he was here. Off to the lake for stalking of the wild trout we go! Upon arrival, he pulled his rod out of the travel tube to discover it was in 3 pieces instead of 2. Disappointment filled the air as we only had 2 rods with us and his was the second.

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Stan Evans

Tie Rod On Medium Duty Truck

Our tie rod fell off the balljoint on a medium duty truck. Rather than call a tow truck, we popped it back in and wrapped it several times with Gorilla Tape. We made it 27 miles to the mechanic! Great stuff!!

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Warren Bauer

Amazing - Gorilla Tape Repaired A Hole In My Boat

"I work with NFL football teams, bands (like Duran Duran, Matt and Kim, Ferry Corsten), wineries, etc., but in my spare time I LOVE to fish and boat. I don't have much time to work on the boat so occasionally there are issues.

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Alan Stewart

Gorilla Tape Battles Huge Giant Trevally

"Giant Trevally can grow to over 140 pounds and reach speeds of over 35 mph. Check out how we used Gorilla Tape to try to catch one! We will be returning there in January, and we’ll DEFINITELY be packing GT (Gorilla Tape) for the GTs (Giant Trevally)!
Thanks, Gorilla Tape!"

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Chris, Jeff, and Jason


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