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Leaky Canoe

"On a fishing trip in Canada, the canoe from our outfitter leaked from both ends, so badly we had to stop several times an hour to drain the boat. Our equipment got soaked. We pulled out our Gorilla Tape Camo and decided to try it. One long strip down the seam inside, and a couple strips on the seams at each end, and the canoe no longer leaked. Our gear stayed dry the rest of the week.

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Tim Born

Amazing Stuff

I purchased a used car for my son, and after the first day the rearview mirror came off the windshield. I went to the auto parts store and bought the correct glue, followed the directions, and that stuff lasted a day after the mirror was re-attached. I thought, let me try Gorilla Glue! And Gorilla Glue worked perfectly.

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Carl Ziegler

Extreme Use Of Gorilla Tape Helps Us Get A 3rd Place Win

Last night at the kinross mud bog, it was our second pass of the night, and we blew our fuel pump drive belt off and lost it. We didn't have any spare belts with us and still had one class left to race in. We were in the pits trying to find anything to fix it so we could race the last class we were in. We were not having much luck, then Matt says, "Hey!

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Jesse Ochs

Car Bumper

My wife went over one of those parking spot dividers - ripping my front bumper half off. After a couple of attempts of rigging it back together and it falling apart after a few days, I grabbed a roll of Gorilla Tape. I'd never used it before. I taped the bumper back in place (not overdoing it - I used approx. 10-15 ft of tape). This was about 5 months ago.

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Joe Lavacca


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