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October 24, 2019

Crafts For Adults from Gorilla Glue

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In today’s fast paced world; we’re all in need of a break now and then. But between work, home and family commitments—not to mention our ever present screens, it can be difficult to switch off. 

It is precisely for this reason that more and more adults are embracing DIY crafts.  No longer the domain of young children; adults are turning to crafting as a sort of digital detox, or meditation. And with good reason too.


Experts have suggested that crafting can have a number of benefits for the brain and overall well-being. From decreasing stress, boosting happiness and even protecting the brain from the effects of ageing; what’s not to love?


Here are our top 5 crafts for adults to get you started on the path to a cooler, calmer you. 


Shell Wreath

Next time you visit the seaside; collect around 100 shells of various shapes and sizes. You can also buy them, but then you miss out on the fun of a beach walk!

Once you’re back home, mix one part bleach with two parts water in the sink. Place the shells in the bleach mixture and leave for about 5 hours to whiten, then rinse and leave to air dry. Arrange the shells like puzzle pieces and glue to a wicker wreath using Gorilla Super Glue Brush and Nozzle. Once you’ve covered the wreath add a few additional shells, a ribbon and hang. 



Wine Cork Succulent Magnets

Not only are these succulent wine magnets cool looking and relatively easy to make, they’re also a creative way to add a little bit of green to your environment. 

You’ll need wine corks, a drill, small magnets, Gorilla Glue Clear, and of course, your small succulents and soil. Simply use the drill to create holes in your wine corks—5/16 bit is big enough, but not too big to crumble the cork. Next, use the glue to affix the magnets to the back of the corks. Simply fill with soil and succulents - et voila!



Button Rings

Super simple, but equally on trend. Create stylish rings with odd buttons. All you really need for this are adjustable rings, statement buttons (avoid those that contain PP or PE plastics though), super glue and pliers. 

Use the pliers to remove the ring on the back of the button—the goal here is to create as flat a surface as possible. Then just use the super glue to add the button to the adjustable ring and let it dry. 



Pallet Wine Rack

Nothing says adult craft like a DIY wine rack created from an old shipping pallet. Conveniently, the natural depth of a pallet should nicely accommodate the size and shape of your wine bottles, so it’s just a case of creating a base for support and cutting to size. 

Firstly, remove one of the lower planks and set aside. Trim down the rest of the pallet to the desired size (think about how much wine you’d like to store.) Glue the plank you set aside to the bottom of the shelf with Gorilla Wood Glue and use clamps to hold in place until the bond has set. Simple as that—a great looking place to store your bottles.



Sliced Tree Trunk Wall Clock

Rustic, but undeniably charming; this wall clock made from slices of wood both creates a statement and keeps you running on time. 

You will need a large round circle of wood (to form the base of your clock),  a second smaller round circle of wood (approximately a fifth of the size of the first), several much smaller round thin slices of wood (enough to cover the base), a clock mechanism, clock hands, metal or wooden numbers, wood glue and Gorilla Super Glue Brush and Nozzle

First attach the smaller circle to the centre of the larger circle and allow to dry. Drill a hole through the centre of both circles and attach the clock hands and mechanism. Add the assorted wood slices, extending outward to cover the remaining base—you may want to place a book or heavy object on top to hold in place until dry. With Gorilla Super Glue, affix the numbers to the clock. There you have it—done and dusted.