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DIY Christmas Gifts

January 6, 2020

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Christmas is all about spending time with family. And eating chocolate. OK, it's mainly about the presents. 

We love receiving presents at Gorilla. But we love giving them out just as much. So, if you’re looking for something a little bit different this festive season then here is our gift to you.  These homemade Christmas gifts are inexpensive, fun to make and are a thoughtful alternative to buying something at the supermarket last minute. 


Letter tiles

If you’ve got any wooden letter tiles lying around, then how about utilising some of the lettered tiles to create a personalised picture frame? Spell out ‘Love You Mum’ before sticking the letters down to a piece of coloured card with Gorilla Wood Glue.

All that’s left to do is place the card inside a picture frame.


Button Rings

Did you know old buttons could be upcycled to create unique, personalised rings? All you need is a selection of ring blanks, a box of buttons and some Gorilla Epoxy. A superb stocking filler. Just make sure you’ve allowed 24 hours for full cure before letting that special someone wear their new ring


Photo Calendar

For the person in your life who’s constantly missing appointments. There are hundreds of calendar templates to be found online. 

Print one off and stick each month down to an individual piece of card with Gorilla Super Glue. Then find the 12 photos you want - embarrassing sibling shots, the family pet, places you want to visit next year. Your January photo will go on the back of the front '2020' card so when you flip this over it will be above the piece of card with January's dates on. Your February photo will then go on the back of the January date cards and so on. Once you have it laid out, begin sticking. 

Add two holes to the top part of the card and use string to hold it all together. 


Cutting Board Spice Rack

Ideal for the budding chef in the family. 

Sand down an old wooden chopping board. With Gorilla Wood Glue, glue two pieces of wood (10cm x 10cm) to the ends of a longer base piece (10cm x 30cm) so they stand up vertically. Glue a piece of wood across the front to create a box without a top or back. Glue this to the top portion of the board and repeat twice below. These boxes will hold your spices. Drill two holes in the top of board and use thick string to hang.


Homemade iPad Holder

Another excellent use for an old wooden chopping board. A great gift considering how many people nowadays have replaced traditional recipe books with iPads in the kitchen. Repeat the same steps as above regards sanding but this time affix a piece of wood (4cm x 30cm) with Gorilla Wood Glue to the bottom portion of the board. Cut out another triangular shape to stick on as a stand then glue this down in place to the back of the board.


Flowery Bookmarks

If you’re buying a book for your little girl this Christmas, why not add a colourful homemade bookmark? Take a piece of coloured card and cut it to (5cm x 25cm). Buy some different coloured felt online, and cut out flower shapes. Stick them onto the card with Gorilla Super Glue Gel and now your little bookworm will never lose her page. 


Letter Tile Wine Coaster 

Spell out words or a phrase in a 4x4 grid with letters.





Mark it out on a cork board and cut the cork sheet to size. Apply Gorilla Wood Glue to the board. Set the letters. 


Pebble Pictures

First, cut a white piece of card to fit your frame. Arrange pebbles on the card to create a scene of your choosing. If you would like a family portrait, use the larger pebbles for bodies and the smaller ones for heads. Play around and once you have your final design, use Gorilla Glue Original to stick down your pebbles. Remember, Gorilla Glue Original is water-activated and will expand whilst curing.