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DIY Garden Ideas

October 24, 2019

DIY Garden Ideas

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The longer, warmer days of summer mean it’s finally time to spend more time outside. From al fresco dining to running around with the kids; outdoor space is everything. 

The garden becomes the heart of your home during the summer months, so it’s a great time to give it a little extra TLC. From simple decorative accents to functional furniture, there are so many simple and inexpensive DIY opportunities to transform your outdoor area into a tranquil oasis.


Pallet Hanging Flower Display

Transform a wooden pallet into a hanging vertical garden. 

Start by separating one of the lower planks from the pallet board. Cut down the remaining pallet to form the main part of the display. Then simply refit the removed plank to create a bottom for your shelf with Gorilla Wood Glue, clamp in place and allow to set. 

Fill the shelf with flowers and hang on the walls. You might even want to make a few of these and hang them next to each other to cover a wall or fence.


Shadow-Box Bird Feeder

A picturesque place for birds to feed; this seed supplier is simple to create and lovely to look at. 

Drill a small pilot hole into the centre of the outer top section of a barn-wood shadow box. Twist a metal screw hook into the hole. Centre a section of dowel rod on the bottom-inner part of the shadow box and secure with Gorilla Epoxy and allow to set. Then, affix a small terra-cotta dish to the top of the dowel also using our epoxy glue. Let that set and then simply fill with seed and hang the feeder with twine.


Au Natural Lattice

Create a lattice using only wood glue

Simply collect twigs and sticks from your garden in an assortment of sizes and arrange into a grid pattern. Use our wood glue to attach the sticks together and clamp in place. Allow to dry and hang on an outdoor wall for a beautifully rustic place for climbing plants to thrive.


Personalised Grill Set Holder

When it comes to making a space feel finished—it’s the little details that count. This

personalised grill set holder both looks great and keeps things tidy. 

Simply paint a few planks and secure with wood glue to a piece of plywood. Add some hooks, decorate and hang for a quirky and safe place to store your cooking tools out of reach of little hands.

With these simple DIY ideas; your garden will be looking fantastic in no time at all.

*Please check individual product packaging for instructions for use.