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DIY Gifts – Homemade Ideas That Everyone Will Love

April 26, 2019

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Gift giving can sometimes be a real challenge. You’ve probably spent countless hours searching for the perfect present only to end up settling for a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of wine. Finding the perfect present doesn’t have to be so hard and nothing lets someone know how much you care like a homemade gift.

With these simple, DIY gifts you’ll never end up stuck for inspiration.


Scrabble Coasters

A perfect gift for the language enthusiast and easy to make. Simply coat a square-shaped piece of cork board with a strong adhesive, like Gorilla Glue Clear, dampen the scrabble tiles and arrange in either a 4x4 or 5x5 grid to cover the board. Let the creation set over night and you’re good to go. You can even spell out a special message with the letters for that added something extra.


Jewellery Organiser

For the jewellery lover in your life—a handmade jewellery organiser is sure to delight. Using just a floating picture frame, a few gold flat-backed hooks and Gorilla Glue Clear, tangled necklaces will become a thing of the past.


Monogrammed Canvas

This would be perfect for a nursery or child’s bedroom and is quick and easy to make. Use a thick black tape on a white canvas to create a striped background and then simply glue on a colourful or glittery initial.


Wooden Planters

This is a simple gift for anyone who likes to bring the outside in. They’re so easy to make—you could even give a set to form the basis of an indoor spice garden for the chef in your life. Simply using a craft knife, sheets of plywood, a regular old planter and Gorilla Mounting Tape you can make something that looks like it cost a lot more than it did. Cut the wood to wrap around the planter of choice and use the mounting tape to secure in place. Hold in position for about 10 minutes and you’re done.


Dinosaur Bookends

First you will need two plastic dinosaur toys—either fish them out of the forgotten toy box or buy cheaply from the pound shop. It doesn’t really matter what they look like so long as they stand upright. You’ll also need four evenly sized pieces of wood, the heavier the better—the size is up to you, depending on what type of books you’re hoping they will support. Use wood glue, or super glue to bond two edges of wood together to form a right angle that holds—do the same with the other pair.  Spray paint the dinosaurs gold for an extra classy look. After they have dried, stick those dinos onto their respective bookends and voila!


Personalised Fridge Magnets

Make personalised fridge decorations using clear flat marbles, a strong glue and the image of your choice. Place the clear marble on a small photograph or any other paper image you’d like on the magnet. Trace the outline and cut out the shape. Put a thin layer of decoupage glue on the front of the paper and smooth it onto the clear marble so that the marble acts as a covering. Then simply dab a tiny amount of Gorilla Glue Clear onto a small flat magnet and press onto the back of the paper. It can be helpful to place the magnets under a book or other heavy object to hold in place until the glue sets.


Rugged Rock Frame

Transform an old frame into a gift that—well... rocks. Collect and polish pebbles of different shapes and sizes and super glue them to a plain wooden or metal picture frame to form a rocky perimeter. Pop in a photo of a fun memory and you’ve created a unique gift.


Keepsake Box

Transform a plain wooden box into an elegant gift using only spray paint, super glue and a metal figurine. Spray the box the desired colour and allow to dry—then simply glue the figurine to the centre of the lid. The options really are endless, but animals, dancers and sporting figures would all look fantastic.


Statement Hair Pins

Use miniature metal letters to spell out words or initials and arrange letters facedown in a straight line. Apply a thin, horizontal line of glue across the back of the letters— make sure to use a quick drying product that is easy to apply and does not require water to activate—Gorilla Super Glue Brush & Nozzle would work perfectly. Press the flat side of a bobby pin against the letters—hold for 10 seconds to set and you’re done.