Gorilla Tack

A reusable tack for long-lasting hold indoors and out

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Gorilla Tack is a reusable, removable adhesive tack which is ideal for hanging lightweight items as well as arts and crafts. This low-residue tack offers a long-lasting hold, and the pre-cut squares make it easy to use.

Gorilla Tack can be used indoors or outdoors for a long-lasting hold on a wide range of surfaces including: paper, wood, brick, glass, plastic, metal, tile and more!


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Pre-Cut Squares



Incredibly versatile

Hang lightweight items, indoors and out, on a variety of surfaces.

Long-lasting hold

With low-residue stickiness, use it again & again.

Easy to

Pre-cut into squares, and 100% removable.

How to use

Ensure all surfaces are clean and dry. Tear off a square and lightly roll into a ball.


Place between the two surfaces and press firmly for a few seconds.


To remove, carefully peel tack from the surface and dab to lift excess tack.


What surfaces will Gorilla Tack bond to?

Gorilla Tack is great for indoor and temporary outdoor use on paper, painted walls, wood, brick, tile, metal, posters, plastic, glass, and more. Do not use on highly absorbent surfaces such as bare plaster or recently decorated surfaces/delicate wallpaper – these surfaces are prone to staining and subsequently the tack product will be difficult to remove. If you would like more information on how Gorilla Tack bonds to specific substrates, please contact our technical team via the ‘Contact Us’ section on the website for assistance.


How do I remove Gorilla Tack from my surface?

Remove mounted items with Gorilla Tack carefully and dab to lift excess Tack remaining on the surface.


Will Gorilla Tack stain or leave oily marks after removing?

Gorilla Tack may leave a faint mark on porous surfaces. In most circumstances this mark will disappear in time.


Will Gorilla Tack dry out?

Gorilla Tack does not dry out if stored and used as directed and has an approximate shelf life of up to 24 months.


How much weight does Gorilla Tack hold?

Gorilla Tack is designed for arts and crafts and hanging lightweight items, it’s able to hold up to 1kg. Gorilla Tack is not recommended to hang items over 1kg or on applications where injury or damage could result if mounted items fell.


Is Gorilla Tack Food Safe?

Gorilla Tack is not recommended for direct or indirect food contact and should not be considered food safe.


What should I do if I think a human or animal has ingested Gorilla Tack?

For medical emergencies, seek medical assistance immediately. Call 999/112 for emergency services.

For animal emergencies, contact a vet or animal specialist immediately. Call a member of our product safety team on +44 (0)843 507 1200 and follow the instructions.

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