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Guide to Glue and Glass

January 6, 2020

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There are a whole lot of different glues on the market, not to mention virtually endless combinations of materials you might want to stick together. Unsurprisingly, this can lead to some confusion. Not understanding which product to use can be frustrating as well as ineffective, and in some cases can mean the end of your project all together. While it’s always important to think carefully about which glue is best for the job, some surfaces are more challenging than others. This is especially true of glass primarily because its smooth surface offers very little grip. 

Here is our guide to glue on glass to help you avoid despair.


What kind of glue is best to use on glass? 

In order to pick the right type of glue for your glass project there are several factors worth keeping in mind. These include the other surface you will be gluing the glass to, how quickly you need the bond to cure, or whether the bond needs to be waterproof. 

Here we will look at some of the most common surface combinations and what type of adhesives can provide the best solution. 


How to glue glass to wood

When gluing wood to glass, it’s important to consider what will happen to any excess glue when it dries. Choose a product that not only creates a strong bond between both surfaces, but also dries clear—  silicon adhesive (particularly for window frames) or a hot glue gun are both great choices. Whatever glue you choose, always remember to ensure both surfaces are clean before beginning. 


How to glue glass to glass

If gluing a smooth surface like glass is tricky at the best of times, glass to glass may seem downright baffling. The trick is choosing the right glue that’s strong enough to secure non-porous surfaces. Epoxies are specially designed adhesives that form strong bonds between even the most difficult to glue materials and set in just 5 minutes. Most are two part products that require mixing, however there are pre-mixed versions available. Make sure to choose an epoxy that dries clear so you don’t end up with unsightly residue. Always remember to read the instructions and follow any warnings/ cautions that appear on the label when using any glue.


How to glue glass to metal

To glue glass to metal, consider the size and precision required for the project. You can use a clear drying super glue for smaller projects, but bear in mind how quickly super glue dries and also that it typically isn’t waterproof. If you need a weatherproof bond or a bit more time to position your materials, an epoxy will also work well, able to form a strong bond between the most difficult of materials in just 5 minutes. Always remember to read the instructions and follow any warnings/ cautions that appear on the label when using any glue.