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How to Make No-Sew Festive Decorations

November 25, 2019

< back to blog This project is perfect for those looking to add a little rustic charm to their Christmas decorations. These no-sew festive decorations can be hung all around the home, they don’t have to be limited to the Christmas tree! Don’t worry if you’re not the best at needlework as these no-sew festive decorations can be made using Gorilla Contact Adhesive rather than a needle and thread.   What you will need: Some Festive Fabric (amount will depend on size and quantity of decorations) Gorilla Contact Adhesive Ribbon or String Toy / Cushion Filling   Tutorial 1. Cut out two shapes from your fabric. These should form a pair, so need to be identical but reversed if the shape isn't symmetrical.   2. Cut a length of ribbon ensuring it is long enough to hang your decoration. You will then need to glue it to the top of each piece of fabric, apply a small amount of Gorilla Contact Adhesive to the ribbon as well as the fabric where the shape will hang from. Leave for two minutes to allow the glue to become tacky. This will achieve a stronger bond. Line up the ribbon with the fabric shapes, and lightly press the two surfaces together.   3. Apply Gorilla Contact Adhesive slightly in from the edge of both fabric shapes, ensuring you leave a small gap to fill with stuffing. Leave the glue for a couple of minutes, then line the two pieces of fabric up. Press the two pieces together, allowing the Contact Adhesive to spread a little to the edge, but still allowing a small gap to enable stuffing once dried.   4. Begin to fill with stuffing once the glue has dried (allow at least 15-20 minutes). Make sure that the stuffing fills the entire shape. You may need to push the stuffing into any corners to ensure it’s evenly distributed. When your decoration is filled with stuffing, you can seal the gap by applying some contact adhesive to both pieces of fabric. Again, after two minutes lightly press these together to seal the shape.   Once your decorations have fully cured (allow a minimum of 24 hours) they are ready for hanging!