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How to Make Yarn Christmas Trees

November 18, 2019

< back to blog These Scandi inspired Christmas Trees are the perfect festive decoration for those who love minimalist design and neutral tones. You can select a wide range of different colours such as festive reds and greens, however we wanted to create something which had a wintery feel but remained subtle and stylish. Gorilla Mounting Tape Crystal Clear makes this project super easy and is perfect even for those who have no crafting experience.   What you will need: Gorilla Mounting Tape Crystal Clear Craft cones (polystyrene or mache) Some wool or yarn (amount needed depends on size of cone)   Optional decoration: Gorilla Super Glue Gel Wooden Stars (or any other wooden shapes)   Tutorial 1. Apply a strip of Gorilla Mounting Tape to either side of the cone, ensuring they go right to the edge of the base (you can leave a small nib at the top as this is where the star will go). Press the tape firmly against the cone to ensure it holds then remove the clear liner.   2. Place the end of the wool at the top of the cone and press it into the Mounting Tape for a few seconds. Hold the length of wool tight in one hand whilst spinning the cone with the other so that the wool starts to wrap around the cone. Continue this motion until the cone is covered, ensuring the wool lines up tight to the previous turn. Once the cone is completely covered, cut the wool at the base, ensuring the loose end is secured to the Mounting Tape.   3. You can now add your decoration to the cone! We opted for a simple wooden star on the top, but you could add any wooden shapes and even dot them around the cone. Just add a drop of Gorilla Super Glue Gel to the bottom edges of the star and hold it in place on top of the cone for 10-45 seconds.   4. And you’re done! You can repeat these steps to create an array of designs by varying the cone size, wool colour, and an assortment of decorations.