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No Sew Canvas Bag Cushion Hack

March 2, 2020

Gorilla No Sew Cushion Hack

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If you’re one of those people who always seems to have a never-ending supply of shopping bags in your cupboard, then this is the perfect upcycling hack. With just a canvas bag and some Gorilla Contact Adhesive you can create these no-sew cushions in no time.


You will need






1. Cut the handles off the canvas bag.


2. Begin to fill the canvas bag with the cushion filling. Make sure you push the stuffing down to the corners and fill the bag.


3. Now the bag is filled, apply Gorilla Contact Adhesive Clear to both sides of opening and wait two minutes to allow the glue to become tacky.


4. After two minutes, firmly press the entire length of the opening together.


After 24 hours the glue will be fully cured. All that remains is to decide where you’re going to put your cushion.