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Gorilla Packaging Tape

Just 1 strip is all that’s needed for a neat and secure seal.

Gorilla Packaging Tape provides the ultimate solution for moving, shipping and storing. This adhesive tape offers heavy duty strength and durability. The crystal clear packing tape is moisture and temperature resistant, and at 72mm wide you can seal boxes with just 1 strip. Its smooth, quiet dispensing secures packages quick and easy with just one strip.

With its wide tape construction, easy to grip dispenser and problem-free tear, this tough tape is simple to use. Plus, its easy-to-refill dispenser lets you get the job done in no time.

  • Tough & Wide

    At 72mm wide, use JUST 1 STRIP™

  • Crystal Clear

    For sleek, professional finish.

  • Perfect for

    Shipping, moving and storage

How to use

1. Prepare
1. Prepare

Pull tape through tabs and across roller

2. In use

Grip dispenser at side indentations. For best results, twist to cut

2. In use
3. Rest easy

Rub tape firmly into surface for best adhesion

4. Storage

Store in a cool, dry place

  • What is the temperature range for Gorilla Packaging Tape?

    Gorilla Packaging Tape should be applied between 0°C to 60°C. Once applied, Gorilla Packaging Tape will hold strong between -10°C to 100°C.

  • Can Gorilla Packaging Tape food safe?

    Gorilla Packaging Tape is not recommended for direct or indirect food contact and should not be considered food safe.

  • How do I remove Gorilla Packaging Tape from my surface?

    Gorilla Packaging Tape may be removed with some difficulty, and it may leave some residue. To remove excess residue, use the tape itself as a blotter. If blotting with tape does not remove the residue, try removing with mineral spirits, adhesive remover, or a citrus cleaner per manufacturer’s instructions. Always test these chemicals in a small or hidden area as these chemicals may damage some surfaces

  • Is Gorilla Tape food safe?

    Gorilla Tape is not recommended for direct or indirect food contact and should not be considered food safe.

  • What should I do if I think a human or animal has ingested Gorilla Packaging Tape?

    For medical emergencies, call +44 (0)843 507 1200 anytime to reach a member of our product safety team.