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October 24, 2019

Summer Craft Ideas from Gorilla Glue

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Summer is finally here in all its glory. Tis’ the season for barbecues and garden parties—any excuse for coming together to enjoy the longer, warmer days. The summer months are ideal for spending time in the home and garden—why go out when you can dine al fresco with friends and loved ones for a fraction of the cost and twice the fun. 


That said, it might be worth thinking about spending a bit of time beautifying the house for all that entertaining you’ll be doing. So what better way to get into the spirit of summer than brightening up the decor. 


Here are 5 simple DIY ideas to get you started:


Framed Flower Pinecones

Add a pop of colour to the decor with this framed pinecone flower collage. Simply collect pinecones and cut in half to form the flowers (one pinecone should make two flowers). Spray paint the halves in as many different colours as you like. Using Gorilla Super Glue, stick the cones onto the picture frame to create a beautiful blooming decoration sure to brighten any room.


Spool Monogram

For a bright monogram wall decal perfect for the kids’ bedroom doors; simply pick your letter, cut out the shape from thick cardboard and use super glue to cover the surface with colourful spools. Et voila!


Multi-tiered Serving Platter

An elegant centre-piece can transform any table. This multi-tiered serving platter is both functional and beautiful. 

Simply select three plates of different sizes, colours or patterns. Using Gorilla Glue Clear, affix a candlestick holder to the centre of the largest plate. Glue the mid-sized plate to the top of the candlestick holder. Do the same thing with another candle stick holder and the small plate to create a 3-tiered tower. Consider placing a book or other heavy object on the top of your ceramic tower to hold everything in place while the glue dries.


Nautical Port Hole Mirror

This nautical port hole mirror is the perfect summertime addition. You’ll need a round piece of plywood (roughly 38cm), a round mirror (slightly smaller than the piece of plywood, about 31cm), an embroidery hoop (35.5cm), wood plugs, bolts, and a tap handle.  Pre-paint all of your materials the desired colours and allow to dry—metallic colours like brass and copper work well. Secure the mirror onto the centre of the plywood with super glue. Next, place the embroidery hoop around the mirror and use wood glue to attach. Use the super glue to attach bolts to the wood plugs on the embroidery hoop to create a “hinge”. Attach wood plugs around the plywood with wood glue. Finally, stack a wood plug, bolt and the tap handle on top of each other and fix to the plywood to create a handle.


Colourful Flip Flop Hanging Wreath

Create a bright first impression with this colourful wreath. Using cardboard as a backing, simply arrange colourful flip flops into a circular arrangement to create a wreath. Once you’ve checked the spacing, use Gorilla Super Glue to secure the flip flops to the cardboard and embellish with artificial flowers, gemstones and butterflies. Hang on your door with a ribbon for a colourful welcome, sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.


DIY doesn’t have to be complicated. With a little bit of creativity (and glue) the possibilities are endless.

*Please check individual product packaging for instructions for use.