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April 26, 2019

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With its high strength and its quick set time — super glue is a uniquely useful thing to have around. You’ve probably used it before to fix a broken piece of furniture or glue the handle back on a broken coffee mug. What you may not know is that the uses of super glue extend far beyond basic “stick it back together” household repairs, and dare we say, might just surprise you.


Here are 5 uses of super glue you may not have thought to try yet.


Calm an Inconsolable Child


Why is it that the heads always seem to fall off Barbie dolls? Use super glue to reattach poor Barbie’s head or Superman’s arm and wipe away those tears. Consider using an extra durable formula like our Impact Tough Gorilla Super Glue to protect against future drops (and throws). Make sure you don’t use on toys if your little one is under 5!



Heal a Broken Shoe


Rescue a pair of well-loved shoes! Whether the sole of your hiking boots is peeling away or you’ve just snapped the heel off your favourite stiletto on the way to a wedding—a dab of super glue, and you’re good to go in a pinch. If you don’t have to get out the door straight away though, try Gorilla Glue Original for a permanent, waterproof bond.


A Spare Pair of Hands


Trying to build something, but feeling a little limited by your own two hands? Superglue can help. Applying just a small amount between the two pieces of wood you’re nailing together might just be the helping hand you need.


Rescue Ceramics in a Flash


Did your wife’s favourite figurine take a tumble? Don’t worry! Use super glue to put the pieces back together before she gets home. Simply brush away any residue, apply a small amount to the broken area and hold the broken pieces together for 30 to 60 seconds for a quick fix that lasts. You won’t even need to tell her you let the kids play ball in the house.


Fix a Broken Earring


If you wear jewellery, you’ve probably experienced the heartbreak of a broken earring or necklace. Don’t just throw away the damaged piece, repair it! Super Glue is perfect for metal to metal fixes; just apply a small amount of glue and hold in place for 30-60 seconds for an almost instant fix.


These are but a few of the virtually limitless uses for super glue. From crafts and creations, to fashion fixes—it’s a product worth having around.